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Monday, January 08, 2007

Adware and Spyware Blockers

There was a law school student with a thesis about money laundering. So ,oftentimes, she would google the term to come up with a ready list of online references. This proved to be useful to her and to the entire process of writing her paper. After several months of doing so, she was confronted with the problem of being directed to a weird page not related to money laundering every time she typed the same keywords.

At first she thought it was just a glitch in the internet system, but the persistent occurrence of such a thing made her think that there is more to it. What this law student was confronted with is a computer bug that she coud not fend off.

The situation above is not an isolated case. There are many people who find themselves caught up in technology problems that are mind boggling but actually can be answered with two words and those two words are spyware and adware. The infamous term of spyware was first coined in the year 1995 but it was popularized in the year 2000. Spyware is a computer software innocently infiltrated in a personal computer to be able to access personal information of the user.

This is done by studying logging keystrokes, web browsing history and even scanning a user’s hard drive. Sounds like something we see only in James Bond movies but apparently we are wrong ,for, anyone can be a victim of spyware. It is safe to use the word victim because no one wants to be monitored of all their online activities. Spyware can understandably be used to spy on criminals because such use is beneficial to society but how about the use of spyware to intercept credit card details and the like. There is simply no excuse for the lax of the use of spyware.

What ordinary people can do to protect themselves is to block spyware and all other software programs similar to it like adware and malware. This can easily be done by availing adware and spyware blocker programs online. The role of these blocking programs include removing or disabling existing spyware programs or avoiding the installation of these malicious software programs.

Spyware, adware and malware are not like virus or worms that self replicate but they can be just as hassle as their counterparts for whoever wants to be disrupted of their normal personal computer activities. Additionally, one of the notoriously bugging hassles caused by these infectious software programs is the slowness of the computer.


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